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Fusion International Film Festivals has been specifically designed to bring together filmmakers & creatives from all over the world – this is our passion!

With Directors Dan Hickford & Steve Grossmith at the helm; the duo love to spend as much time as possible connecting with creatives before, during and after each festival.

With four high quality International Film Festivals across major cities in Europe – and all with excellent international transport links – we are a dedicated personable team who want to help you succeed and allow you to take your project to the next step.



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    It is a great festival with a wonderful team to ensure everything runs smoothly. We saw an array of films from around the world and attended some interesting film industry talks. On the last evening there is a red carpet event with lovely food, company and photo opportunities.

    Niav Padelis
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    Fusion Film Festivals are one the top festivals in the world. They go beyond the expectations of many others in the way they support film makers from across the globe. The quality of films shown are exceptional along with the communication and the welcome film makers receive from submission to the amazing awards night. We were thrilled at picking up ‘Best of the Festival’ for our film ‘Stationary Bike’ especially on a level of great films submitted here.

    If there’s one festival in Europe to submit your films its these. They go along in supporting the film industry. Thank you for everything.

    Kevin Phillips
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    There are not enough adjectives to describe this experience: dense important, amazing, full of interesting people.
    Dan and Steve and Colin behaved like Virgil accompanying Dante in the Divine Comedy. The final evening was a true masterpiece, a mix of organisation, solemnity and simplicity.

    Giulia Rosania
    Script Writer
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    The Brussel Film Festival was a complete success. Small, elegant, super well organized, like every Fusion is. Keep it up Dan and Steve. We’ll be back again, and again, and again…

    Hanni Bergesch
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    Steve and Dan are exceptional at creating a welcoming atmosphere for filmmakers and artists globally. Their personable natures, and highly supportive, professional, and easygoing team, makes each festival experience not only a well-organised affair, but a blast to boot. Thus, creating a friendly environment to nurture professional relations for years to come. Very glad to have attended and been awarded in Valencia. Much gratitude!

    Vanessa Marlowe
    Script Writer
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    One of the best festivals around, it attracts film makers from all over the world highlighting independent film at its finest. Festival directors Dan and Steve made sure the networking and industry events were welcoming, informative and enlightening. They really care about making your film look its best on the big screen.

    Joseph Piddington
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    I’ve met Steven and Dan a few times on the festival circuit now. They care about film, they care about filmmakers, and they care about putting on a great festival. I’ll be back…

    Jordan Heron
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    Dan and the team at Fusion Film Festivals do a great job for independent filmmakers. They have a variety of opportunities for us to network and get contacts with distribution and industry representatives. We were honoured to win Best Short Documentary Film in Brussels and appreciate all the support by the Fusion Film Festivals!

    Jim Warne
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    This festival was excellent from start to finish, with an emphasis on creating a positive and productive experience for the filmmakers. From the initial notification of selection to the ending awards dinner, the organisers demonstrate their personal interest in each film and filmmaker and their desire to assist each in making personal contacts and promoting their films. I encourage all serious filmmakers to submit to this festival. I only wish that Fusion would host festivals in the US!

    Linda Broocks
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    Wonderful International Film Festival. Deeply grateful.

    Miguel Berzal de Miguel
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    Marvellous festival with dedicated and thoughtful staff. Great communication throughout the process. Great promotion and events. They truly make indie films available for as many people to see.

    They also shine a welcome light on some of the less noted aspects of indie filmmaking, offering awards and recognition to hair/makeup, support acting roles etc…

    Phil McCarron
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    Dan and Steve host a wonderful festival experience! From the moment you arrive, you can feel the energy in the air. I am an introvert by nature and felt completely at ease in being able to approach other filmmakers, this is due in part to Dan and Steve’s talent in hiring experienced professionals who can produce an entire week of screenings and events that are involving and worthwhile, all while fostering a welcoming and nurturing environment.

    Joe Camareno
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    The staff is simply amazing. The feeling around the whole event is friendly and professional. I recommend anyone to be present, the best award is to get in contact with talented people from all around the world. I was there with my short doc ‘The Underground Empire’.

    EMME Produzioni
    Production Company


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