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A little bit about us…

Fusion International Film Festivals has been specifically designed to bring together filmmakers & creatives from all over the world – this is our passion!

With Directors Dan Hickford & Steve Grossmith at the helm; the duo love to spend as much time as possible connecting with creatives before, during and after each festival.

With four high quality International Film Festivals across major cities in Europe – and all with excellent international transport links – we are a dedicated personable team who want to help you succeed and allow you to take your project to the next step.

Our International Film Festivals will provide an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and industry professionals with countless networking opportunities with others from within the film industry. This also offers the perfect platform to share advice, tips and information on topics from a vast array of subjects including technical aspects of filming, casting, location hints and script writing. We know from running International Film Festivals for a number of years that introductions are made and collaborations born.


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For more information about what to do after, go over to our technical support for information on how to prepare your film or script for our team.

Technical Information

You can of course send us a physical copy such as a Blu-ray, DVD or USB stick but please make note that for some of you, import duties (not covered by the festival) will apply.

It is always best to prepare a digital copy.

Your film must be with us no later than a month before the start of the Festival, although we will do our best to contact you, we may not be able to screen your film should it be too late.