Jean-Francois Cavelier Part 1

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Jean-Francois Cavelier has more than 30 years experience in international film sales and distribution. He is known among his peers for his strong communication skills and for his relationship-building ability. He has been involved in projects at all levels of the film industry.

1. An Introduction to TMC & the harsh truths of the industry. A filmmaker MUST always think about distribution even as early as at the script stage.
2. Distribution in simple terms. A filmmaker MUST learn at least the basics of worldwide sales to stand a chance with the sales agents.
3. Pick your projects very carefully – Genre? Format? Etc. Know about the world buyers’ demand for content.
4. Never lose sight of your vision! Get ready to “fight” for your project.

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  1. Marshall Ferrin
    19th October 2020 @ 9:39 pm


    I look forward to learning more about specific distribution outlets for writers that have scripts that have gotten recognition, but not yet produced. Any thoughts?


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